Operational Services

Our operational services utilize an army of qualified and responsive professional technical teams that are committed Tun Around Terms on working hours, service quality, response time and resolution time; conditioned by accepting various penalties in case of breach or deviation.

Our services covers installation, cancellation, replacement, training, supply of accessories, and fixing all technical issues and malfunctions, hardware and software.

We have received the “Best Service Provider Award” several times for excellence and distinction of our services.

  Service Level Agreement

We orchestrate our SLA business with qualified team of professional engineers and technicians, who are trained to manage and handle all SLA tasks and duties under supervision of a direct supervisor; and we hold ourselves accountable for every single task.

  QA & QC

Our Motto is “DTQ” as Delivery on Time with Quality, and we are CMMI certified service provider whom follows robust Quality Control & Quality Assurance procedures that govern doing all its tasks, projects and activities including technical support and SLA follow rigorous quality measures.

  Dedicated Call Center

We provides 24/7 help desk for technical support services via an equipped call center to support our products and solutions in the market. We have a team of call takers and dispatchers that provide our customers with a satisfying prompt response.

  Stock Control

Our good stock control is about making sure that the correct level of stock is maintained and well documented. It is about meeting the demands and satisfaction of customers being served with regard to devices and spares.

  Hardware Maintenance

We provide hardware maintenance services to our clients by repairing and fixing those hardware devices. Maintenance and repair services are provided after signing specialized hardware maintenance agreements. Our mission is to minimize client business downtime by keeping their specialized devices up and running.

Authorized Repair Facility

We operate an Authorized Repair Facility (ARF) so as to repair EFTPOS terminals must comply with many security requirements to ensure that PEDs are only repaired according to established procedures and that their authenticity and that integrity are maintained throughout the whole process, from reception to submission.

In Ideal Solutions “We always Deliver on Time with Quality”