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LIDAR to acquire Data Intelligence, Visualization, and Analytics in a rapid and cost-effective way


Whether captured from the air or the ground, LiDAR data provides the ability to create an extremely detailed digital twin from a single capture source. LiDAR data contains accurate location and height—features such as houses, power lines, and roads are represented in 3D, exactly as they appear in the real world.


LiDAR is an innovative mapping solution that incorporates the most advanced LiDAR sensors, cameras and position/navigation to collect survey-quality point data quickly and accurately.


This data acquisition technology method of surveying can be operated day or night, with efficient acquisition of millions of 3-D design points per minute. LiDAR provides you with data density of up to 150 points per square foot (dependent on system settings for the project), allowing you for faster coordinate acquisition compared with all other survey methods.



Increased safety with data collected remotely day or night

Deliver Complex Projects in Less Time


Enhanced data with a more "complete" picture of the project with survey accurate point measurements and the ability to locate inaccessible features

Reduce Costs


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Acorn Studio
A single, trusted source for solutions
Tailored to your specific parameters
Acorn Studio
A single, trusted source for solutions
Tailored to your specific parameters


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