Customized Smart Solutions in accordance with our clients’ needs, demands, and expectations

We comprehend the distinct needs of each client/ business, therefore, our expertise are aimed towards providing Smart solutions and services that are professionally customized in accordance with our clients needs and specifications Our client-oriented approach stimulates us to provide Smart Solutions, ensuring to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction in fulfillment of their needs with timely delivery and quality.

Homeland Security and Civil Defense
Efficient and Reliable Solutions
ICT for Home land security – civil defense

Home land security & civil defense industry is one of the many industries which are strongly impacted by Information and Communication Technology. Both have a direct or positive relationship to one another advancement.

ICT had transformed the industry from producing hardware to smart solutions : from people-centric to network-centric battlefields management, from aftermath combat review to real-time combat surveillance, from land and sea to air and outer space superiority.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

Geographic Information System (GIS) play a pivotal role in Home land security & civil defense operations. The concept of Command, Control, Communication and Coordination are largely dependent on the availability of accurate information in order to arrive at quick decisions for operational orders. In the present digital era, GIS is an excellent tool for decision makers in the operations. Home land security & civil defense teams use GIS in a variety of applications including cartography, intelligence, battle field management, terrain analysis, remote sensing, military installation management and monitoring of possible terrorist activity.

Move towards shared mobility
Searchable City

Provision of relevant city data at the right time to drive guidance and mobility insights (Digital Travel Guide, Augmented City, Contextual Indoor Navigation)

Seamless Mobility

Integration of transport modes for a unified and personalized traveler experience (Smart Parking, Connected Transport Network, Single Transport Pass, On-Route Concierge, Autonomous Neighborhood Fleet, Smart Taxi, Real-Time Crowd and Transportation Management, Road to Vehicle Communication, eBike Sharing, Car Pooling, eCar Sharing)

Universal Access

Development of mobility services which are inclusive and accessible to all demographics (Natural Language Interaction, Instant Signage Translation, Accessible Transportation, Public Transportation Social Listening, Mobility Contextual Pre-Advice, Social Mobility Network)

Safe Journey

Ensuring the safety and risk management across the transport ecosystem (Intelligent Road Side Assistance, Connected Vehicle (V2V), Intelligent Road Signage,
Mobility Guardian, Smart Vehicle Monitoring)

For effective logistics
Connected Logistics

Effective logistics management and decision making delivered through consolidated digital channels (National Supply and Demand Dashboard, National Warehousing Marketplace, Digital Shipping Guide, Global Supply Chain Tracker, Insightful Customs Rating, Supply Chain Control Center)

Dynamic Delivery

Extended last-mile delivery network for seamless and reliable goods transfer and delivery (Automated Cargo Flow, Crowd Logistics, Smart Dispatch, Drone Delivery, Autonomous Ground Delivery, B2B Semi-Autonomous Transfers, Dynamic Route Management)

Digital Workplace

Improved port productivity through automated container handling and augmented field workforce (Augmented Workforce, Connected Warehouse)

Empowered Recipients

Customer-centric and flexible services providing recipients control of their shipments (Container eBooking, Smart Lockers, Digital Auction Marketplace, Flexible Delivery, Drive Through Mall, Virtual Convenience Store)

Fintech (Financial Technology)
Ensure Superior Customer Experiences & Operational Efficiency
Solutions for Banking & Finance companies

Fintech or Financial Technology is when technology is used to help companies manage the financial aspects of their business or the technology is applied in financial units. Artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain take the financial services industry to the next level, where the Fintech is using AI in a wide range of settings like deploying AI to automate loans and insurance underwriting. On the other hand, many financial institutions using blockchain build platforms such as payments and trade finance. Furthermore, online banking, fraud detection and more are few other benefits reaped by bridging with the technology.

Ideal Solutions offers digital banking solutions, mobile wallets, mobile banking solutions, cryptocurrency development, Insurance management portal to elevate user experience while allowing financial companies to reduce chances of error, customer management solutions for seamless experience and much more.
All in all, the finance industry solutions that focuses on your digital adoption while giving automations, mobility, cloud enablement, analytics and AI enabled customer support and much more are also provided.

Smart Education Solutions
Solutions for Schools

Schools of any size face a variety of challenges on a daily basis. Ideal solutions provide solutions to empower teaching staff, pupils and parents.

Solutions for higher education

Ideal Solutions offers a comprehensive set of enterprise-grade solutions tailored to the unique needs of higher education. We provide smart education solutions to support campus needs and keep them at the forefront of knowledge delivery.

Operation management

Pre-configured and tailor-oriented infrastructure that promotes continuity through the protection of information and functionality.

ICT infrastructure

Heightened operational efficiencies for increased connectivity and improved risk management for better student and faculty safety and outcomes.

SMART Solutions for your Healthcare unit
Healthcare On-demand

Ubiquitous and instant access to health resources and recommendations (Doctor Finder, Health Calendar, Virtual Consultation, Digital Self-Diagnosis)

Extended Care

Provisioning and access to care outside clinics and hospitals (Mobile Clinic, Smart Health Booth, Connected Pharmacy, Safe Workforce, Smart Ambulance)

Seamless Healthcare Facilities

Integrated and collaborative systems for frictionless patient flows (National Diagnostic Database, Augmented Caregivers, Connected Patient Flow, Single Patient Record, Connected Patient Room)

Connected Wellness

Proactive and personalized health and wellness management (Smart Medication, Digital Health Coach, myHealth Gateway, Ingestible Pills, Digital Nurse, ICE Tracking and Response, VR First Aid, Digital Support Groups, Remote Patient Monitoring)

Smart Environments for Smart Cities
Sustainable Resources

An environmentally-aware society, running on efficient operations with the ability to plan ahead (National Food Security Analytics, Sustainable City Platform, City Pollution Watch, Sustainability Readiness Index, Smart Water Network)

Digital Urbanization

Urban infrastructure designed with sustainability at the core (Smart Buildings, Intelligent Urban Lighting, Solar Corniche, Sustainable Distributed Energy)

Environmental Stewardship

Embedded sustainable practices and environmental protection into citizens’ daily life (Personal Smart Farming, Sustainable Home Ecosystem, Recycling Coins, Zero Food Waste Platform)

Connected Farming

Development of the farming community and empowering farmers digital tools

For the benefit of athletes, teams, and fans worldwide
Active Nation

A competitive and accessible amateur and enthusiast sports community across the general population (Active Lifestyle Social Dashboard, Active Living Index, National Sports eHub, Digital Senior Vitality Solutions, Game Finder)

Competitive Athletes

Evolution of athlete performance through more effective and personalized training and fitness management (Professional Athletes Performance Dashboard, Technology Enhanced Training, National Scouting Analytics)

Connected Fans

Provision of a personalized, homogeneous and memorable sports fan journey (Event Visit Planner Application, One Screen, Fan Connect, Event Social Listening, Hands-Free Visitors, Digital Fan Pass, Next Generation Social Interactions)

Augmented Game Experience

Reinvention of the live game experience through immersive spectator interactions (Stadium Fast Track, Event Companion Application, Augmented Home Viewing, Sports Event Second Screen)


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