ann1I am pleased to celebrate with you all today our company 23rd anniversary since 29/4/1998.

In human calculations of life time, we are still young and strong and ambitious and motivated and energetic and can reck the mountains; while in corporate company’s life calculations, we are old, wise, mature, experienced, and qualified, visible and well-know and equipped with dozens of skills and strategies to overcome the most challenging situations without a blink of the eye.

We are privileged to enjoy both advantages as a company that is rich with its young, spirited employees; and yet old enough to be wise and experienced and mature.

I am also sad that we have to practice our celebration remotely because of the pandemic. Hoping that shall survive to enjoy a COVID-19 free environment back soon, to allow practice physical activities safely.

In anniversaries, we shall always look back to our achievements and milestones, wins and losses and to learn how we can do better to secure success and growth and brighter future.

We have encountered many challenges and difficulties related to market changes, government regulations, health situations, growing cost, more difficult customer expectations.
In Ideal Solutions, we consider challenges as better opportunities rather than risks. With our strategy, values and motto, challenges just push us to demonstrate our best unique and exceptional results, and allow us rule & progress, no matter what.

Every year we learn more valuable lessons to manage expectations, to differentiate good from excellent and understanding important business stakeholder and influencers behaviors and motivators.

Over the years, Ideal Solutions has grown up into a serious leading business entity as a bright icon in the market of specialized, pioneering and demanding solutions & services.

In terms of Quality, Ideal Solutions is both “CMMI Level 2 Company in Software & Services” certified and an “ISO 9001:2015 certificated as well. We are ambitious to sustain them and even move higher and better.

I consider Ideal Solutions as a living being that is nurtured by success and growth, love and appreciation. Last year was full of achievements and wins as well as with some hiccups and losses. We signed some contracts and lost some. We gained new clients and lost some, we signed with new vendors and abandoned on some, we welcomed new employees; and said farewell for some. We rewarded some employees for distinguished achievements, and we warned some for shortages.

I would specially recognize and mention my appreciation to the departments and employees who empower us to continue our winning journey with income and quality and customer satisfaction. Special thanks to all those soldiers in the back stages, and deep appreciation to EP teams and to SLA teams.

Not neglecting the collaborative efforts from all of you, and not underestimating all the loyalty and good intentions and determination to do good for our company; but remember that intentions are not sufficient. Real achievements are fueled by wisdom, know-how, qualifications, planning and hard work.

It worth mentioning that last year was remarkable in terms of our marketing campaigns and events and social presence. Our unique visible booth and our good presence in Milipol 2021 was such a unique event for Ideal Solutions. Ideal Solutions logo was visible in news and media and we were privileged to be seen and congratulated and wished success by his highness Sh. Tamim the Emir.

I am striving to cultivate and sustain a unique winning company culture at Ideal Solutions. A culture full of opportunities, motivated passionate personal commitments, rich of qualifications and talents to conquer all challenges. This only will guarantee our ultimate success in performing beyond normal.

I trust that we all have a true commitment to exceed the expectations of all stakeholders (clients, vendors, colleagues and managers) and to play true genuine role in designing the future of our business domain locally and globally.
I pledge to all of you to put your hands in mine to continue raising our company brand name higher and to draw a perfect success story beyond normal imaginations. Let’s marsh together to a better brighter future. I know we can do it together.

ann2Lastly and before closing, I am pleased to bring you the news that on the occasion of Ideal Solutions 23rd anniversary that is intersecting with the holy month of Ramadan and under COVID-19 restrictions, we shall celebrate this special today with a company Iftar at the same time.

I have arranged that all employees will receive delicious rich VIP Iftar package with Ideal Solutions appreciation to you and our united congratulations to us for the 23rd anniversary.

Ramadan Mubarak. I wish you enjoyable Iftar. May Allah accept your fasting and prayers. Thank you for your attention. GOD bless you all.

Eng. Mahmoud Amer

CEO and Founder at Ideal Solutions