At Ideal Solutions, excellence translates into all aspects of our workplace. It is our personal and company commitment to deliver on time with quality. We drive excellence by setting challenging goals, encouraging innovation, creativity and diversity of thought, fostering teamwork and open communication, striving for the highest level of Quality, health, safety and environment and complying with all applicable laws.

As part of Ideal Solutions’ commitment to a safe and healthy workplace, our employees have received emergency-response training which involved a local first-response agency.

This course provides a consistent level of emergency response training, regardless of the employee’s location or role within the company. It is an opportunity to increase awareness of emergency response across our operations and to provide employees with the training and the information needed to recognize, respond to, and report emergency.

A training in Health and Safety Awareness have been also provided across all departments of Ideal Solutions. This course focuses on the health and safety rights and responsibilities of employees. It also serves as a general introduction to workplace health and safety.

These are just a few examples of the ways our employees get involved in Health, safety and emergency preparedness.

At Ideal Solutions, we offer extensive range of Smart & Innovative Solutions and high-quality customer centric services to a wealth of government entities and corporate organizations – and for 23 years, we’ve been a corporate citizen, fulfilling our corporate social responsibility towards both the local and international communities, functioning as a safe company, and avoiding accidents from any business activities.