Ideal Solutions joined the Qatar National Day festivities and celebrated this event with its employees at Al Bidda Park on December 18. In line with this year’s National Day theme, “Ancestral meadows are trust", Ideal Solutions honored this significant occasion by showcasing the country’s culture and customs to promote loyalty, solidarity, unity and pride in the national identity of Qatar.

Eng. Mahmoud Ahmad Amer, Chief Executive Officer & Founder of Ideal Solutions said: “Ideal Solutions was established in 1998 and has always been recognized as a true customer-centric and community-centric organization that blends in the community issues and events. Focusing on community needs and objectives was one of those fundamental values that made Ideal Solutions a successful organization. Ideal Solutions business is customized suitably to fulfill the requirement of the community and our solutions are blending in to cater for the country actual needs. As we are approaching the year 2022, and while technologies are advancing and enhancing, and with the upcoming FIFA World Cup 2022, we foresee many new opportunities to be opened for us that will accompany new business challenges to conquer”

To further mark this occasion, Ideal Solutions with its employees pledged to the organization and community that they will make a change, to excel, to be proud and tall by entering the new frontier and implementing many more new solutions using latest smart technologies. The day was completed with a special snack pack giveaways for the employees and children within the members of the public, playing in the park.