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The power of location intelligence and design process combined

Ideal Solutions provides the framework for analysis and decision-making using spatial information and GIS technology


GIS informs BIM and BIM in turn fuels GIS. Using integrated GIS and BIM optimizes the performance of assets within systems, which feeds back into the ongoing planning of new and more sustainable projects.


Driving Smarter Decisions

Enable Better-Informed and Smarter Decision-Making

Deliver Complex Projects in Less Time

Effectively Communicate Project Intent & improve stakeholder engagement



Deliver More Resilient Infrastructure and Smarter Cities

Reduce Costs

Reduce Risk

Why BIM & GIS Integration

Transforming the Project Lifecycle

Improving data integration workflows will bring immediate value to both the GIS and BIM communities, researching opportunities to bring context to the design and build workflows that lead to improved construction and renovation of facilities and infrastructure.



Optimizing Infrastructure Operation Intelligence

The world is going to be tracked with billions of sensors all around us, many of which will be designed into the assets we use and then tracked and analyzed in 3D experiences. We look to discover new opportunities for enabling customers to plan, deploy, and consume sensor information to improve operational performance of large systems of assets.



Sensing Site Change

With the many technological innovations of drones, sensor input, and data processing, we can rapidly scan, photograph, and sense the three-dimensional world around us. Every project can start with a realistic and accurate ‘picture’ of the original site that can be updated with regular scans to record how the site changes.



Designing and Building In-Context

By integrating GIS and BIM, planners and designers will better understand projects in relative context: how the natural and existing built environment will be impacted by and interact with new projects. By pulling these insights up the project lifecycle, project owners will be able to predict potential issues, streamline the lifecycle, and reduce costly delays.



Designing and Visualizing the Real World in 3D

With advancements in technology and hardware, 3D is quickly becoming the standard people want to use for design, visualization, and analysis of assets throughout their lifecycle. Our focus will be on tools and apps that utilize 3D to facilitate better use of spatial information to inform and guide the design process so that projects can achieve economic, sustainability, and performance goals.



Open and Extensible

Recognizing that ‘Data is at the Center’ of our customers’ businesses and organizations, we are committed to creating extensible platforms that enable our users to innovate.




success with our clients

Ideal Solutions Professional Services & Service Level Agreements (SLAs) reflect our client-oriented approach and stimulate us to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Acorn Studio
A single, trusted source for solutions
Tailored to your specific parameters
Acorn Studio
A single, trusted source for solutions
Tailored to your specific parameters


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