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End-to-end capabilities in creating the next generation of GIS data required for special applications

We provide 3D and HD mapping; light detection and ranging data acquisition and processing using mobile, aerial, and terrestrial technologies for various applications, such as telecom fiber roll-out, and utilities planning, as well as in forestry and agriculture, oil and gas, and other industries; and engineering services for telcos and utility companies.



3D mapping

3D mapping means profiling of objects in three dimensions to map the objects in real-world.  it provides the latest technical methods for visualisation and gathering information. 3D mapping has numerous applications in the various fields, from science to entertainment and advertising.


Instead of merely indicating things like the locations of places or the distance between two destinations, HD maps feature information about lane placement, road boundaries, the severity of curves, the gradient of the road surface, and more.


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Acorn Studio
A single, trusted source for solutions
Tailored to your specific parameters
Acorn Studio
A single, trusted source for solutions
Tailored to your specific parameters


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