There are no applications in the market that cater to every function of companies processes to enhance and monitor company overall operational performance. Applications are usually more focused into specific function only, where tracking, dispatching, warehousing, human resources and project management are never integrated in one system. Ideal Solutions bridge this gap by empowering companies with an application that can create a collaborative work environment for internal teams, and which can help to avoid using old fashioned paperwork routines! You can use Ideal Solutions, Ideal Unity mobile or web applications to manage your business.



Analytics, Performance Reports & Much more

Pure Web based with support for all major browsers

User-Friendly, Manageable and Easy to Learn

Flexible Pricing : per user, license , or subscription based

Offered as Cloud and On-Premise/Server with own IP

Two Way Integration without any development

Cataloging and Searching Features

Mobile Support Applications – IOS and Android

Ideal Dispatching

Allows you to send real-time notifications and tasks to your staff and save time without the hassle of multiple phone calls.

Ideal Tracking

Allows you to track your vehicles, drivers, fuel consumption’s, violations, maintenance reminders in real time.

Ideal Stock Control

Allows you to manage your inventory and track low stock to increase your efficiency

Ideal CRM

Allows you manage your sales force visits, clients, projects and much more

Ideal HRM

Allows you manage your employee’s records, calendars, documents and much more.

Ideal TPM

Allows you to Plan and follow-up your projects progress and teams

In Ideal Solutions “We always Deliver on Time with Quality”