Ideal Solutions recognized the importance of Homeland security in protecting the nations from threats and accidents and acquired deep experience to be very active in this domain. We are proud to provide a full suite of integrated solutions for the homeland security and law enforcement using latest advanced technologies and end-to-end secured solutions.

When an emergency or an accident happens, like a car crash in a remote area or a heart attack while on the move, you can always rely on us for Homeland Security solutions to grant fast and accurate response to save the valuable lives and assets.

Ideal Solutions Homeland Security solutions include:

  1. Screen Sharing Platform – Enhanced Information Sharing Platform with visual dashboard of incident details, resource availability and collaborative operating tools for incident responders.
  2. Vehicle Tracking & Dispatching – Integrating GPS, wireless communication and mapping to track vehicles and assets in real-time with dispatching of remote resources to incident locations for faster response.
  3. Mobile Data Terminals – Rugged in-vehicle mobile computer devices with vehicle docking stations, and with many options like finger print, smart card and barcode readers, while offering 2 ways communication with command centers to offer the power of displaying maps and instructions via access to centralized remote secured databases.
  4. Threat Detection Solutions – Advanced screening systems for the detection of concealed weapons and explosives at access points.
  5. Video Threat Recognition – Artificial intelligence video surveillance for detecting active threats, public disturbances, unusual behavior and any terrorist activity.
  6. Emergency Vehicle Alert Message System – Alerting motorists of accidents on the road or emergency vehicles approaching while redirecting them to safety through warning messages via vehicle sound system.
  7. 360 degrees Wearable Cameras – High performance wearable camera system that captures surrounding in 360 degrees images using 4 HD cameras to protect home land security officers.
  8. Message Alerts Notifications & Collaboration – Broadcasting accurate real time information to multiple channels targeting and guiding audience for saving their lives, protecting assets and minimizing the impact of incidents.
  9. Eavesdropping Detection – Protecting against eavesdropping targeting VIP officers discussing secrets on political decisions, national security, military affairs, diplomatic affairs, public policy and legislations, government permits and trade secrets, technology innovations. Disclosure of any can cost damages in political and economic dimensions.
  10. Professional Services – Project management, software development and integration with technical support by qualified teams who provide outstanding customer experience around the clock on 24×7 basis.

In Ideal Solutions “We always Deliver on Time with Quality”