Healthcare Solutions

Innovative thinking, flexibility, in healthcare solutions are needed to enable better care of individuals while balancing the health demands of the population. In Ideal Solutions; we enable healthcare providers to reduce duplication, save time and improve patient safety, through faster, more accurate and more efficient solutions that can enhance the overall performance and response time.


Our Healthcare solutions includes:

Patient Management System (PMS)

It is used to acquire medical information from a medical device to be used in the treatment or diagnosis of a patient and directly contributes to the treatment of the patient and It hold all data personal and medical on registered patients, their accounts and appointments, medications and inpatient and outpatient details.

  Clinical Solutions

It supports safe patient care, while positively impacting the clinicians and providers; as it provides Clinical and Operational Guidance’s throughout the Perioperative Care Episode by gathering of information and pre-operative testing decisions.

  Disabled Control Solutions

It improve the quality of life and mobility of physically disabled persons and others in need of an extra hand; and provide “an extra hand” to disabled people, by use of the tongue, the handle or the finger.

Early Warning system (EWS)
It makes it safer for the personnel working in and around the emergency vehicle by making the danger, the motorist, more aware of the emergency vehicle’s presence; AS well as helping emergency vehicles get through today’s dense traffic while also improving road safety.

  Rugged Tablet for Healthcare
It monitors patients and quickly access a patient’s electronic medical history, view test results and capture current medical data; which enables sharing of vital medical information between providers and patients regardless of location. Designed with caregivers in mind to deliver the most reliable, multi-function mobile computing solution currently available.

  GIS Health Solutions
It provides interactive mapping and visualization capability for the base hospital; which spatially enable hospital facility capacity information that Integrate value-added map services to aid base hospital staff in making decisions.

In Ideal Solutions “We always Deliver on Time with Quality”