Electronic Payments Solutions

Ideal Solutions has over two decades of practical experience in the electronic payment domain implementing many successful challenging projects using innovative secured electronic payment technologies; while adhering to the latest industry standards.

The electronic payment solutions that we can supply, implement and support includes:

  • Point of Sale Payment Terminals with wide range of models and connectivity options; from 3G and Dialup, to Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • End-to-end secured Payment Network Solution with reliable
  • Integrated Payment Solutions for business requiring special real time analysis.
  • Unattended Payment Terminals for the self-service kiosk
  • Mobile POS & Smart POS Terminals to meet the latest trends in modern technology.
  • Terminal Management Systems to manage large populations of deployed terminals in the
  • Remote POS Management Solution for real time monitoring & management of your entire estate of POS
  • Payment Gateways and electronic wallets for the eCommerce solutions.

Over ViewWe provide you secure solutions for your digital payments from credit cards to internet banking and more!


Country operations and payment processing


High service uptime of 99.9%+ and high performance


Certified Secure Payments


Anti-fraud tools, mobile-ready, real-time big data


Multi-lingual, multi-currencies, multi-channels, multi-cards, and multi-acquirers


Local account and risk operation support as well as 24×7 technical support in 3+ countries and regions

We also provide:

  • Electronic payment consultancy services and technical support.
  • POS payment application development and application certification services.
  • Value-added payment applications like loyalty, gift cards and vouchers, Dynamic currency conversion, SSL Encryption, ECR integration and EMV compliance.

Channel CapabilitiesWe Cover all your needs, giving you the hand to decide the best payment option for any kind of environment





Smart POS


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