Mahmoud Amer
Mahmoud Amer

Ideal Solutions 22nd Anniversary
CEO Message

This year we are celebrating the 22nd anniversary of Ideal Solutions remotely and virtually due to the global pandemic. Hope that current COVID-19 epidemic will be over soon to allow us meeting face to face and shaking hands safely.

I see anniversaries as opportunities to look back to history of events, good and bad and to learn from them in planning the future with better tools and know-how and with stronger determination for success.

It is always my passion to talk about Ideal Solutions success story and to celebrate its important milestones. For me, Ideal Solutions is my 2nd family. I am confident that this applies to the majority of you. We build and cherish our families with our hearts and souls and sweat, and we do all what they need for safety, growth and success. True family members take care of the family as a whole and take care of each other as members as teams and individuals.
As the name “Ideal Solutions” suggest, the vision behind building the company was to attain perfection and supremacy in doing business while focusing on inventing and implementing unique solutions and services that will contribute to making communities better.

Throughout the years, we faced many challenges and difficulties like the rapid advances in IT technology, the evolving market changes, the growing cost of added customer terms, and the increasing competition from global offshore markets. But our visionary strategy and leadership could always manage challenges by using proactive logical wisdom in managing risks and in mitigating opportunities and recognizing them ahead of the market.
Challenges always pushed us to demonstrate our best exceptional results. We could introduce multiple innovative pioneering solutions when the market was still focusing on traditional IT business in selling hardware boxes and software licenses.

The last 22nd year was full of changes and challenges. This year, we received our ISO 9001:2015 certification. We acquired new businesses and we increased our resources and intellectual assets by investing more to get better.
Every year of Ideal Solutions existence taught us valuable lessons in differentiating good from excellent and on understanding clients’ minds and their dominating decision-making behavior and motivator.

By turning challenges into opportunities, I was able to fuel the growth of Ideal Solutions by increasing its qualified staff and by investing on appraisals, on events, on training, on office space, on latest technologies and tools, and on R&D. This helps the company to stand tall in the industry with its Unique Selling Proposition (USP) in flexibility and readiness to deliver the difficult scopes on time with excellence and with quality.

As a result of our genuine determination to deliver strong value propositions in 12 different industries, Ideal Solutions has grown into a leading IT business with a complete setup of 5 professional departments with over 75 professionals that are committed to “Deliver on Time with Quality”.

After 22 years of its existence, Ideal Solutions became a known beacon in the sky of specialized pioneering IT business.
Success cannot pass unrewarded. Since its establishment, Ideal solutions received dozens of awards, appreciations and certifications from leading government and private authorities.
It was awarded for its: Best Unique Solutions and Services; For its Market Leadership in the IT Solutions, For its Excellence in business, and for Creating sustainable business models, and projected business growth that have made positive impact on Qatar economy.
In terms of Quality, Ideal Solutions had been appraised as “CMMI Level 2 Company In both Software Development” and “In SLA Services”, and lately was rewarded the ISO 9001:2015 certification.

I am striving to cultivate and sustain a unique winning company culture at Ideal Solutions by fostering individual and teamwork in reaching technical and business capabilities that cannot be replicated by our competitors.
This winning company culture should be the spark to treat every issue with passion and with personal commitment for guaranteed success in performing beyond normal borders.

We are motivated to be amazing to our customers, to our employees, and to our partners. We have true commitment for exceeding the expectations and to play major roles in designing the future of our business domain.
My vision is to continue our success story with sustained growth and expansion and to take our accumulative business success and strong brand name to a global dimension.

COVID-19 epidemic threat will be over soon allowing us to resume our work with full capacity. Hoping you are eager to work harder and smarter to compensate lost time.

I thank you for your keen attention,


Eng. Mahmoud Amer
CEO and Founder at Ideal Solutions