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Pioneers and Leaders of GIS in Qatar, Ideal Solutions is celebrating the World GIS Day 2021

Pioneers and Leaders of GIS in Qatar, Ideal Solutions is celebrating the World GIS Day 2021
Ideal Solutions was established in 1998 with a mission to be the ultimate GIS company in Qatar which is specialized in providing distinguished GIS professional services, developing GIS solutions and applications, GIS data models migrations, and building cartographic maps in Qatar. Ideal Solutions CEO and founder, Eng. Mahmoud Amer is recognized as one of the leading experts and pioneers of GIS in the Middle East, who actively participated since 1990 in leading and guiding the development many unique GIS projects and solutions.
Well-known with focus on accuracy and details, and with passion to deliver successful projects on time with quality, we are motivated to provide innovative geospatial solutions and ultra-high satellite imagery resolutions and vector data sources, all are bundled towards developing latest fast, smart and accurate GIS solutions and services.
GIS Day is a worldwide event celebrating the technology of geographic information systems, it’s a chance to showcase what Ideal Solutions’ GIS experts do to assist leverage and contribute to the growth of Qatar and the whole region. It is an opportunity to demonstrate the strength and the value of our GIS professionals, powered by an extensive elite network of partners to define a new meaning of GIS and its power to enabling countries to effectively make better decisions that affects environment, events, infrastructure and ultimately the people living on the land.
Today, we are celebrating our passion for shifting minds and business towards geospatial thinking that targets better future life foundations with more sustainable future of resources and environment.