Mahmoud Amer
Mahmoud Amer

This year we are celebrating the 21st anniversary of Ideal Solutions, which was full of exciting success stories with plenty of satisfied good clients, especially in the banking and law enforcement sectors.

I am greatly proud to be associated with Ideal Solutions rich history of business leadership in the IT sector of Qatar. Ideal Solutions is enjoying a leading role in Qatar to be the first initiator or first implementer of a long list of innovative successful solutions in Qatar.

It is genuinely amazing to notice that Ideal Solutions is progressing at very high rate on each and every year, in terms of number of offerings, number of employees, total revenue, and total expenses on its employees and eventually in total profitability. I started the company with 4 employees, with 2 project and 2 clients and with an annual revenue of Half million Riyals. Today we have more than 70 employees, we have implemented 216 innovative pioneering projects, and having over 1070 distinguished clients, and generated an annual revenue of more than 35 million. This means that our income grew 70 times and our staff grew 17 times in number, and our offices grew 6 times in space.

Over the last 21 years, our company has undergone massive changes in restructuring, rebranding and globalization. This made our organization becoming stronger and more efficient than ever before.

I don’t forget to thank our employees, or intellectual assets who constructed a fantastic team of dedicated and loyal employees that made our company success true.

We are motivated to be amazing to our customers, employees, and partners. We have real passion for growth and excellence and having a true commitment for exceeding the expectations of our customers and we are motivated to play a major role in designing the future of our business domain.

We look forward to another amazing 5 years of exciting challenges and to take Ideal Solutions to reach new greater heights. The road ahead will be challenging but we will continue to rule.

Thank you for your business and for your support.